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A Basic Slot Glossary

Slot machines are the worlds favourite gambling game, but there are still many people who thinks slots are a mystery. Here are slots terms that will give you a good understanding of the slots game and can base your slot-playing experience on.


Slots Terms :
Bonus Slots:
On a slot machine if specific symbols with a certain combination come up it will either launch another bonus game play or free bonus spins. The bonus spins are very straightforward in that you mainly win a certain amount of free spins.

The bonus slots are a little different in that they change from one slot machine to another. A bonus slot is basically a game-within-a-game, where you get the chance to accumulate bonus money that is separate from the slots game you are currently playing. Basically none of your money is on the line and you are playing for a little extra cash.

Flat-Top Slots ( aka basic or straight slots ) :
These non-progressive slots have a stable payout that does not change depending on how often the machine is being played or on how much money is accumulated.

A slang term used when you win on a slot.

Max Bet:
This is the maximum amount of coins that you are permitted to play on one spin.

Progressive Slots:
Progressive slots are slots that are united with a progressive jackpot. This means that whenever a player plays and does not win the jackpot, the size of that jackpot increases.

Progressive slots are very popular among slots players in that there are fewer winners, but once won the pay out is larger than most other jackpots.

A payline is a winning line/s on a slot machine that is indicated by the pay table.

Multiple Paylines:
The original slot machine only had one payline but now in modern slots they can have up to 40 paylines. This may become confusing at first but it benefits you in that there are more chances for you to win. Multiple paylines can either be from left to right or can cross the screen. The majority of slot machines have 9 paylines, but some slot machines may even have 50 paylines.

The amount a slot machine awards the player after a certain win.

Payout Percentage:
The amount that accumulates after every bet that is put into the slot machine and is paid out to the player after he/she has won. If a slot machine has a 98% payout percentage, it means that 98 cents of every one dollar is given back to players when they win in payouts, while the 2% that remains is taken by the casino.

Pay Table (also called Payscreen):
The payscreen is the chart found on the slot machine that shows how much money is won on different types of winning combinations.

Random Number Generator:
The computer software that is used by both Online and Land-Based Slots to randomly select times for wins.

The wheels that comprise of numerous pictures and symbols which are shown inside the slot machine that spins around when in play. Depending on where the symbols land determines if a player wins or not.

The pictures which are shown on the reels that are used to determine whether a player wins or doesn't. The symbols used more often include numbers, stars and fruit, but today the symbols can be anything that corresponds with the theme of that particular slot machine.

Winning Combination:
The varied combination of symbols found on the reels that must hit in order for a payout to occur.

Wild symbol:
On many slot machines it is a symbol that can be substituted for any other symbol in order for a payout to occur.

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Last Updated 24 May 2018
Slots Glossary